Over the many of years working as a professional photographer I've carefully crafted my photography process. Planning, along with strong communication is the foundation on which I base every successful photography assignment. Here are the key steps I take to consistently produce successful assignments.



There are many photographers that have mastered taking a crisp and technically perfect photo. However, I feel only a handful aim to push the barriers and create something unique every time they pick up a camera. A technically perfect photo is only halfway to achieving the high standards I set for each and every photo. Focusing on the creative half of the photo can evoke an emotional response from the viewer.

A photo is often explained as capturing a moment in time, though I believe if done correctly a photo can also capture much more. A good photograph consists of layers, a powerful first impression followed by finer details as the viewer investigates further.



In my experience asking the right questions and taking the time to listen to the answers has a huge impact on getting the right results. The consultation process identifies and establishes the following key areas; Target Audience, Goals, Objectives, Budget, Timeline and Publishing Medium (print, web, social).

Without first identifying each of these points, the planning process becomes much more difficult.



I am a self confessed planning fanatic! Having previous experience in the web and project management industries, I have learnt the importance of listening to what the client wants and finishing on time and within budget.

I believe proper planning is key to achieving outstanding results. In getting all the ideas down on paper, we ensure that nothing is overlooked during the photography session. Creating an in-depth shot list allows for a shoot Photography session.



The 'business end' of the process!

When it comes to the actual photo shoot it takes an experienced photographer to achieve specific goals and adhere to the time constraints. I often call upon my experience and visual interpretation skills to experiment and push the boundaries to achieve outstanding results. It is this very creative edge that will give the finished product a distinct look and feel, effectively conveying your intended message.

Experience is an important step in the photography process. Working outdoors and dealing with nature can be difficult at times, having a broad understanding of natural elements, clouds, sun and shadows ensures a shoot will run smoothly.



Editing can often be the tool to get that extra 10 percent out of your raw image, taking it from great to amazing. Some of my clients have a brand image they must be consistent with, while others seek to drive the focus towards a certain aspect of the photo in order to stir emotion within the viewer. That's why the time is taken to edit to the appropriate style while keeping within the planned brief.



The final step of the process!

Once edited, delivery of the images can take place. Uploading an array of formats and sizes can save time for the client. Deadlines are an important part of the delivery process.