Product Photography: Chief Products 'WK2 Transmission Protection Plate'

It's all about the hero image, you know the one that makes a person stop scrolling through their social media feed, or gets them to open a promotional email. That's why when Bill at Chief Products was getting ready to launch the newly revised WK2 Transmission Protection Plate, he gave me a call.

Working extensively with Bill on previous campaigns and marketing photos, I had a plan of action ready for him to capture some really great multipurpose and marketable photos for Chief Products new release.

With any new product release I first need to assess how my customers would like to market their product, this plays a big role in where and how your photos are taken. Our first collaboration on this particular project left us both with a great outline of how the images would be used, next step was to get the camera and get creative!

Deciding to break the images up into three specific ‘mini shoots’ was a great way to get the wide range of images we were after.

Shoot one was the product itself in a studio session. It was important to insure consistency with other releases and incorporating brand recognition by using the Chief Products branded timber backing for this session.

Shoot two was a lot more hands on, literally! For this we wanted to get a few installation images and what better way to do that than by placing the Jeep Grand Cherokee on a mechanics hoist. Thanks to the team at Seven Slot Off Road this was made possible. Nothing gives you a greater understanding and appreciation of what you put your car through than seeing it from under a hoist!

What better way to market a new part than to show it in action, it was now time to pack up the gear and head out to where fresh air and nature surround you, there is something invigorating about being outdoors, here we pushed the protection plate to its limits (while keeping it scratch free for the photos) to really capture the magnitude of its role on the Jeep. Here is where our hero shots were captured.

Have a look at some of the images below and a sneak peak at a few of how Chief Products put them to use.