Adventure Photography: The Seven Slot Off Road 2nd Jeep Swan Gully Jamboree Event

Nothing can compare to the feeling of conquering vast terrains, muddy climbs and rocky tracks, and this time at the 2nd Jeep Swan Gully Jamboree (Swan Gully 4WD Park) we had plenty of it.

Todd and Sarah from Seven Slot Off Road definitely had an adventurous 4WD weekend lined up for all the Jeep enthusiasts attending this year's’ event, so when they both got in contact to ask if I was available to come along how could I not!

With a small team of organisers exploring the terrain around Swan Gully in preparation for the next days events I was itching to get the camera out and capture the spectacular views of these tricked out 4WD’s tackling nature's challenges. I even got to ride in the orange coloured, LS1 powered, 37” tyre Jeep, that thing is a beast! As the day was coming to an end we timed the tricky creek track perfectly with the sun setting giving the photos a spectacular colour hue.

Waking to another adventurous and creative filled day, I pulled out the drone and captured the vast trail of 4WD’s lined up ready to tackle the tracks. With over a hundred eager 4WDers it was a sight to behold. Before we knew it the day was coming to an end, with my camera filling up with images, and 4WD’s painted in mud everywhere, everyone began rolling back into camp ready for a BBQ and stories of adventures, with the charity raffle concluding the event.

Along with the amazing images captured over the weekend, the promo video of the event was also a highlight to make, see below a selection of images, and maybe next time I’ll see you there!